Driving After Your Arrest

Many people are confused after they are arrested for a DUI on whether or not they can still drive while they are waiting for the case to be resolved.

If you had a valid license at the time of your arrest, the officer should have issued you a temporary driver license good for 30 days from the date of your arrest. Check your copy of the DUI Summons and Citation to see if the arresting officer checked the ‘Valid’ box near the bottom of the citation certifying that the DUI Summons and Citation serves as a temporary license for 30 days. If he or she did that, then that citation acts as your temporary driver license, so keep it with you when you drive. If he or she did not check that box, contact us to speak to an attorney before driving.

In order to maintain a Utah driver license, however, you need to file a request for a hearing with the Driver License Division within 10 days of the arrest date. Call our office at 801-746-0447 to have us file a free, no-obligation request on your behalf!

Plea Bargaining

Not every DUI case can be won on motions or at trial, and the Utah Legislature has seriously restricted the ability to plea bargain a DUI case and avoid consequences. As such, in order to get a good plea bargain in a DUI case, it is important to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney who focuses on DUI cases and can gather evidence, identify and raise any available defenses, and file motions in order to get a better plea bargain or get the case dismissed. Likewise, an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney can also be effective at negotiating a favorable plea bargain. The goal of any plea bargain is to avoid as many consequences as possible. By identifying and pointing out potential defenses or other deficiencies in the case, a skilled defense lawyer can use these points to persuade the prosecutor into agreeing to dismiss charges or significantly reduce the charges in order to avoid the most serious consequences, such as driver license suspension, jail, fines, conditions of probation, and a conviction for DUI. Our reputation for being skilled and aggressive DUI litigators who are not afraid to defend DUI cases by filing motions and taking cases to trial allows us to negotiate plea deals that other attorneys simply do not get.

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