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An arrest is not a conviction, so don’t let it become one! There are a variety of crimes that require a criminal defense lawyer in Utah, and our team is prepared to help you combat your charges. We firmly believe an arrest is not a conviction, so don’t let it become one. With experience in cases regarding topics such as assault, drug distribution protective order violations, minor alcohol charges, shoplifting and defense of other violent crimes, our criminal defense lawyers are ready for any case and are board certified in DUI defense.

Our firm focuses on a variety of charges to ensure you have a solid defense. If you have worked with one of our attorneys, leave us a review so we can better serve you and others in the future. Give us a call at 801-746-0447 to see how a Utah defense attorney can help you.

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Our Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Assist With A Variety of Charges

Learn more about your particular charges by viewing the categories below:

Assault Charges & Domestic Disputes

Domestic violence situations carry high emotions and stakes. Charges can include assault, stalking, harassment, etc. There are a lot of misconceptions around these crimes. They are complicated and challenging for a criminal defense lawyer for reasons, such as a lack of clear evidence and highly charged emotions.

Drug Charges

Drug-related charges have long-term consequences even if they seem as minor as possession of drug paraphernalia, drug charges can include jail time, loss of driving privileges, unemployment, as well as blocking access to education, financial aid, and housing. The legalization of certain drugs in surrounding states adds to the complexity of charges that a criminal defense attorney for drug possession has to combat. Know your risks and rights, and fight those charges!

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes are becoming more common as digital transactions increasingly become the norm. This means that identity and credit card theft is on the rise, and now added to the ranks of traditional fraud and forgery. Our Utah defense attorneys are experienced in fighting financial crimes and can help you with a variety of different charges.

Property Crimes

Crimes that involve the belongings or property of other people or businesses are categorized as property crimes. They include many types of theft, burglary, and shoplifting. With such a broad range of possible charges, it’s critical to have experienced criminal defense lawyers.

Public Safety Charges

Another broad range of charges, crimes like public intoxication and disorderly conduct are under public safety charges. These are designed to protect the public and make them feel safe and comfortable. Part of that mandate protects law enforcement as well, so this category includes crimes like interfering with a police officer and fleeing the cops.

Serious Driving Offenses

These charges encompass driving offenses such as reckless driving, that extend beyond speeding tickets into more reckless and blatant behaviors, such as loss of driving privileges or ignition interlock restrictions. Since they are classified as serious offenses, these charges carry stiffer penalties than fines and can have far-reaching consequences, including loss of driving privileges. This is why having a criminal defense lawyer is crucial. For any questions regarding a criminal defense charge, refer to our FAQ.

Assault charges and domestic disputes
Assault & Domestic Disputes

Other Crimes

If you had been stopped under suspicious of a DUI or criminal charges and fled a police officer, kidnapping, learn about the criminal charged associated and how Schatz, Anderson, Egan & Wormdahl can help. Regardless of what crime you’re charged with, our criminal defense lawyers and staff can help you fight for your freedom with knowledge, experience, hard work, and care. We have compiled a list of crimes that our criminal defense attorneys in Utah defend, and expanded on some charges that are difficult to categorize.

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