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Serious Driving Violations Beyond Traffic Tickets

Almost anyone who drives has received at least one traffic violation during the course of their driving years, but there are a number of serious driving violations that Utah law deems criminal. These violations are more than simple speeding tickets or failure to stop at a stop sign. These charges often lead to serious fines and may involve jail time if convicted. If you’re facing a serious driving violation, schedule a free consultation with one of our driving attorneys located in Utah today!

Reckless Driving, Suspended Driving, & Other Serious Infractions

While drunk driving often receives the most attention when it comes to serious driving offenses, there are a number of driving violations that may lead to just as, if not more, severe consequences. Below is a list of common offenses that can yield large fines or possible jail time without our team of experienced traffic defense attorneys.

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These offenses involve more than paying a small fine or attending traffic court. These are serious criminal charges. If you have been arrested or charged with one of these or another serious driving offense, it’s critical to contact an experienced Utah driving attorney. The criminal defense attorneys at Schatz, Anderson, Egan & Wormdahl have over 40 years of combined experience and are known in this industry to have the most aggressive defense. We will work on your case from start to finish to ensure you get the best possible outcome for the serious driving offense you’ve been charged with.

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