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Frequently Asked Questions


What does DUI mean in Utah?
How serious is a DUI in Utah?
What are the penalties of DUI?
Do you automatically lose your driver's license after a DUI?
Can I get a work permit to drive to work or school after a DUI arrest?
What is the DUI defense process?
How do I avoid a DUI conviction?
How long will my license be suspended after a DUI arrest?
What if I have an out-of-state driver's license?
Can a DUI arrest affect my job?
How could I get a DUI when I wasn't even driving?
Can I choose which test I take when stopped for a DUI?
How can I fight a felony DUI upgrade?
How many DUI arrests does Utah have each year?


What is the criminal defense process in Utah?
What are the collateral consequences of having a criminal charge?
Why choose an attorney from Schatz, Anderson & Associates?
How much will you charge to defend my case?
Can I still hire an SAA attorney if I don't live in Salt Lake City?
Where is your office located?
Can I get an expungement?

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