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Phil achieved an honors degree in economics and law degree from the University of Utah in 2009. Phil entered criminal defense practice immediately after graduation. Since beginning in private practice in 2009 Phil has dedicated all of his time and effort to defending people accused of DUI, and other criminal offenses. Over the last 12 years, Phil has worked as a solo practitioner, a partner at a multi-attorney law firm, and served as an “of counsel” attorney for other firms wishing for assistance on criminal and DUI matters. Phil has completed both the NHTSA Standardized Filed Sobriety Test training and the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) course as well as attending many DUI related training seminars for attorneys. His dedication to receiving the most current DUI training, and being mindful of new changes in Utah DUI law has made Phil more knowledgeable about DUI than other attorneys in Utah. Phil has been requested as a frequent speaker at the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Annual DUI seminar where he shares his knowledge and skill for defending citizens accused of DUI with other attorneys. Many other attorneys in Utah have learned what they know about DUI defense from Phil’s insights and explanations.

Phil’s reputation amongst judges, prosecutors and police officers is that of a respected, knowledgeable and aggressive defender of his clients. Even the most seasoned police officers worry about testifying at driver license hearings and court proceedings when Phil is the defense attorney. Phil’s professional memberships include the Utah State Bar, Salt Lake County Bar, Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD).

The addition of Phil to the firm of Schatz, Anderson, Egan & Wormdahl makes Schatz, Anderson, Egan & Wormdahl by far the State’s most experienced and well trained group of DUI defense attorneys working together to represent Utahns accused of DUI in every court in the State.

Phil believes whole heartedly that all people accused of crimes are entitled to an aggressive and ethical defense and that is what he provides. Remember, just because you were arrested does not mean you are guilty. Let Phil put his experience, specialized training and expertise to work for you defending your DUI or criminal case.

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Attorney Phil Wormdahl

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DUI and Criminal Defense lawyer

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