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Professional License: Teachers and Educators

Utah Educators, School Board Members, and Educational Administrators Reporting Requirements

Many professions require licensed individuals in that profession to report to a licensing division or authority when the person is charged with a criminal offense, particularly DUI and other alcohol-related crimes, violent crimes (such as assault or domestic violence), drug crimes (such as controlled substance possession), or property crimes (such as theft and criminal mischief). A committee identified as the UPPAC is charged with maintaining the professional conduct rules for Utah educators. Here are the reporting requirements by UPPAC and the Utah State Office of Education for teachers, School Board members, and educational administrators (such as principals):

Utah State Board of Education Rule 277-516

(1) A licensed educator who is arrested, cited, or charged with the following alleged offenses shall report the arrest, citation, or charge within 48 hours or as soon as possible to the licensed educator’s district superintendent, charter school director or designee: (a) any matters involving an alleged sex offense; (b) any matters involving an alleged drug-related offense; (c) any matters involving an alleged alcohol-related offense; (d) any matters involving an alleged offense against the person under Title 76, Chapter 5, Offenses Against the Person; (e) any matters involving an alleged felony offense under Title 76, Chapter 6, Offenses Against Property; (f) any matters involving an alleged crime of domestic violence under Title 77, Chapter 36, Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act; and (g) any matters involving an alleged crime under federal law or the laws of another state comparable to the violations listed in Subsections (a) through (f). (2) A licensed educator shall report convictions, including pleas in abeyance and diversion agreements within 48 hours or as soon as possible upon receipt of notice of the conviction, plea in abeyance or diversion agreement. (3) An LEA superintendent, director, or designee shall report conviction, arrest or offense information received from a licensed educator to the Superintendent within 48 hours of receipt of information from a licensed educator. (4) The Superintendent shall develop an electronic reporting process on the Board’s website. (5) A licensed educator shall report for work following an arrest and provide notice to the licensed educator’s employer unless directed not to report for work by the employer, consistent with school district or charter school policy.


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