Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

In Utah, possessing a pipe, bong, rolling papers, baggies, straws, glassware, roach clip or any equipment, product, or material that is modified for making, using, or concealing drugs can be charged as possession of drug paraphernalia. A conviction for drug paraphernalia can carry many of the same consequences of actual drug possession.

A conviction for possession of drug paraphernalia may seem like a minor offense, but it can carry serious penalties that make it worth your while to defend yourself against the charges. Some people think it’s easier to pay the fine and move on. It is ALWAYS best to get the advice of a competent attorney before pleading guilty to any charge.

In addition to possible jail time, anyone convicted of a drug paraphernalia may face:

An arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia is more serious than it may appear at first glance. As a serious criminal charge, it should be treated seriously by anyone unlucky enough to be facing such charges.

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We believe in truly defending our clients—which means fighting for dismissals and not-guilty verdicts at trial. In some cases, a plea agreement may be in our client’s best interests, especially if our client is eligible for diversion into one of Utah’s drug court programs.

We will always consult with our clients at the beginning of their case and at every stage as we proceed. We make sure our clients understand our strategy of defense, as well as their different legal options every step of the way.

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