Order to Show Cause

An Order to Show Cause is typically a situation where some or all the terms of an agreement reached in court as a result of a criminal charge were not properly completed or were not completed within the given timeframe as outlined in the agreement. Orders to show cause can be particularly bad because, by not complying with the original agreement, you have demonstrated to the court and the judge who imposed the terms of the agreement that you do not hold them in high regard sufficient to their station. In other words, you just made the judge mad. That’s not a great way to treat the court, and it’s a terrible situation to land you back in front of that judge. In a lot of circumstances, clearing up the Order to Show Cause involves completing the terms of the agreement sufficiently. Sometimes they can be attributed to clerical errors or to lack of communication with the court regarding steps that have been completed. But you still have to explain yourself to the judge—and he or she isn’t going to be happy with you. There can be other consequences of not complying with the orders of the court, including the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, increased fines, and potentially losing the original deal as an option for you.

Contact your attorney immediately if you learn that there is an Order to Show Cause violation on your record. The sooner you take care of the matter, the better off you will be. Most people choose to retain the same attorney who helped with the original case, but that is not necessary. Any attorney can help you with an Order to Show Cause violation.

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