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Driver's License Hearing

Most people don’t realize that a DUI arrest in Utah has two parts: the familiar criminal case and the less-familiar civil case where you fight to preserve your driving privileges. If you are a minor charged with a DUI, learn more about the potential consequences you may face without a DUI defense lawyer.

To preserve your right to drive in Utah, you must submit a written request for hearing within 10 calendar days of the date of your arrest.

If you contact our office within 10 days of your arrest, we will submit the request on your behalf, free of charge or obligation!

After you submit the request, you will be mailed a notice of hearing in about 7-10 days. A hearing must be held within 29 days of the date of your arrest. DMV hearings can be won and your license saved on many grounds, so it is important to have a skillful and knowledgeable attorney represent you at the hearing. At Schatz, Anderson & Associates, we have an added benefit. Not only do our attorneys have advanced training in the many of the same DUI and impaired driving detection methods that the officers use, but we also have the insight and training of a one-time DMV hearing officer on our staff. We know how to fight and win at the driver license hearing level, the first part of the DUI defense process.

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