After getting an Assault charge in April of 2016 and me also being the victim in my case, but being seen as the Aggressor, for lack of having a witness on my side has caused a year long battle for me. Having a previous Attorney tell me that I would not win my case if I took it to Trial because the Prosecutors had made their decision also made me lose confidence in my case and so I ended up taking the Plea Deal in fear of not winning. I had so many doubts about not fighting my case and taking it all the way, but having an Attorney, who clearly was not about fighting for me, said that I needed someone else to help fight my case for me, if I wanted to win. So I then decided to hire Steve Anderson to help me fight my case. I made the right choice indeed!! We appealed my case and we took it to Trial. He did all the right things and said the right things and yesterday (5/8/17), we had my Trial and we won!! I was found “Not Guilty”!! Thank you so much Steve and Chad for all you did on my case and helping me fight this all the way through!! If you need a defense Attorney, Steve Anderson, is the guy for you!!