We are from the East Coast. While vacationing in Park City, my husband was arrested for DUI. We had no idea where to turn, and we felt pressured to make a fast decision on something important like the selection of a lawyer. Our first choice was a poor one, as any lawyer can have a fancy website and a beefed up resume. But my husband’s job was at risk. After taking our money, the first lawyer simply wanted my husband to plead guilty, although he knew the dire consequences it would have for our family. After spending a great deal of time researching our second lawyer, we found Jason Schatz. Jason had verifiable credentials and expertise specifically for DUI cases, as he has taken many of the same courses as do law enforcement officers. And he is not afraid to try a case. Jason cost slightly more than other lawyers, but he put the effort into the case that we desperately needed. We were thrilled with the outcome, and just as importantly, we were thrilled with Jason’s work effort and knowledge of the subject matter of DUIs. Don’t make the mistake we made, hire Jason Schatz first.