My 17 year old son was pulled over by police for an “illegal lane change”. He was charged with a [metabolite] DUI after they got him to admit he had smoked marijuana 12 hours earlier that day. Along with the DUI, he was charged with speeding, illegal lane change, and tobacco possession. There was no alcohol involved with his DUI charge…. I had never hired a lawyer before, or even talked to a lawyer before. I reached out to Steve Anderson’s office hoping they could help my son. Steve was our saving grace. He met with us right away, and was truly interested in helping us with our situation. Steve was able to get my son’s license reinstated by determining there was not reasonable suspicion to take it from a traffic violation to an investigation and arrest, and the DLD agreed. In court, Steve was able to get 3 of the 4 charges dropped. The DUI was reduced to “impaired driving”. More important, he was very professional with my son. He talked to him about the consequences of a DUI, and the impact it has on your life and lives of others. I am very thankful for the legal representation we received from Steve and his firm. Any questions I had were answered quickly, phone calls were returned within the hour, and emails were quickly responded to. I always knew what our next step was, and felt very informed throughout the entire process.