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Fraud Allegations

Fighting Back Against Allegations of Fraud

Building a good defense on behalf of someone charged with a financial crime like fraud is different in many ways from defending someone accused of a violent crime like assault or a property crime like theft.

Instead of starting with an arrest, fraud charges often begin with an investigation. There may be no arrest until months after the actual incident occurred. Because there is sometimes a lengthy investigation, a person under suspicion of fraud has many early opportunities to get a criminal defense attorney involved on his or her behalf.

Too many people make the mistake of waiting until after an arrest to ask for help from a criminal defense lawyer. As soon as you suspect that you might be under investigation for any type of fraud-related crime, seek legal advice. Your lawyer can represent you in any pre-arrest discussions with law enforcement and may be able to guide your case to an acceptable resolution without an arrest ever being made.

Utah's Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Schatz, Anderson & Associates, LLC, we have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases on behalf of clients throughout Utah, including cities such as Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden. Our attorneys, with more than 40 years’ of combined legal experience, have defended clients against a wide range of criminal fraud charges, including:

  • – Mortgage fraud
  • – Check fraud
  • Identity theft
  • – Bank and credit card fraud
  • – Tax fraud
  • – Workers’ compensation and insurance fraud

Let us use our resources to assist in heading off a potentially damaging charge of fraudulent activity.

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