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Illegal Possession of a Firearm

When is it Illegal to Possess a Gun in Utah?

Utah has fairly liberal laws relating to possession of a firearm. In many instances, mere possession of a firearm—including a handgun—is not a criminal offense. Carrying concealed or carrying in plain sight is not a crime if you have a proper license.

However, there are certain types of “restricted persons” who are not allowed under the law to possess a weapon. Such a person found in possession of a firearm may face charges of illegal possession of a weapon.

Who is Vulnerable to Weapons Charges in Utah?

The types of people who are not allowed under Utah law to possess weapons include:

  • Convicted Felons
  • Anyone convicted of a crime of domestic violence, whether a misdemeanor or felony offense
  • Anyone convicted of a drug offense while also carrying a weapon
  • Anyone convicted of driving under the influence while also carrying a weapon
  • For people who fit into these categories, it is illegal to carry a gun. A person in any of these categories who is searched or arrested and found to be in illegal possession of a gun will face weapons-related criminal charges.

Fighting Back Against Weapons Charges in Utah

A conviction for a weapons-related charge carries serious consequences. In addition to possible fines or jail time, the convicted person’s right to possess a weapon will be further restricted.

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