Child & Internet Pornography

There may be other crimes that carry a longer prison sentence upon conviction, but few crimes carry the social stigma of sexual crimes against children. Anyone who has ever been accused of child molestation or possession of Internet pornography can tell you: “innocent until proven guilty” rarely applies in the court of public opinion in such cases.

Get a Protective Advocate on Your Side As Early As Possible

Whether you have already been arrested or are under investigation, it is never too early to seek legal advice in a criminal case involving Internet pornography or sexual conduct with a minor. Your attorney will act as your spokesperson and guide during any pre-arrest investigation. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to intervene early enough to allow resolution of the case before any arrest is made.

Schatz, Anderson & Associates, LLC: A Well-Regarded Criminal Defense Law Firm

From offices in Salt Lake City and St. George, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Schatz, Anderson & Associates, LLC, offer criminal defense services to clients across the state, including in and around communities like Provo and Ogden and Vernal.

With more than 40 years’ of combined experience, our attorneys have experience handling the defense of clients accused of emotionally and forensically difficult crimes such as:
  • Computer sex crimes such as possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Enticing or soliciting a minor via the Internet

Our Priority Is to Minimize the Negative Consequences You Face

Depending on the alleged crime and the specific facts and evidence in the case, you may have several legal options—including fighting for a not-guilty verdict at trial or negotiating a plea bargain to a lesser offense. If we can prevent prison time, we will. If we can keep you off Utah’s Sex Offender Registry, we will. If we can limit your sentence to probation, we will. The strategy we choose will vary from case to case—but we will always act with your best interests in mind and only after consulting with you about how you want your case to proceed.

If the case is not dismissed on the Motions to Suppress or plea bargained to the client’s satisfaction, we will have already prepared the case for trial. The vast majority of the DUI cases tried by our firm are tried before a jury. Some attorneys are convinced that a DUI case cannot be won before a Utah jury, but that is not true. Our attorneys have obtained not guilty verdicts in many cases, including refusals, results on a blood or breath test above the legal limit of .08, and even cases involving accidents. The key to successful jury trials is investigation, preparation, and presentation. Clearly not every case goes to trial, but the attorneys at Schatz, Anderson & Associates are not afraid to take even the most difficult cases to trial and will provide you with your best chance for a NOT GUILTY verdict.


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