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Walker Jensen is a proud Utah native who has worked at Schatz/Anderson/Egan/Wormdahl since his graduation from Arizona State University Law School in 2022.

In his pursuit of excellence, Walker completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Impaired Driving Training course, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities surrounding impaired driving cases. Additionally, Walker now seeks graduation from the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement courses, to further sharpen his abilities.

Throughout his career, Walker has handled numerous DUI cases and observed hundreds of DUI investigations, honing his expertise in this complex field. His extensive experience does not stop there; Walker has also represented individuals charged with a wide array of criminal offenses, giving him a broad and nuanced perspective on criminal defense.

Walker is deeply passionate about criminal defense and finds immense satisfaction in helping and advocating for others. His commitment to his clients and his community is evident in his relentless pursuit of justice and his dedication to providing the highest level of legal representation.

Walker’s approach to the criminal justice system is rooted in a deep belief that it should be more rehabilitative than punitive. He recognizes the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of every individual and aims to ensure that all clients receive the criminal defense that the Constitution guarantees. By offering compassionate guidance and dedicated advocacy, Walker strives to help individuals navigate the legal system with confidence and achieve favorable outcomes.

Attorney Walker Jensen

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DUI and Criminal Defense lawyer

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