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Schatz Anderson & Associates Team

We offer high-quality criminal defense from our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys at affordable prices

Who Are We

Schatz, Anderson & Associates consists of first-rate, experienced criminal defense attorneys and a full staff of friendly, capable paralegals and office workers

Our Mission

To provide the best criminal defense possible using all the tools and evidence we can obtain, fighting for our clients rights every step of the journey

What We Do

Each client has a one-to-one relationship with his or her attorney and a dedicated paralegal case manager throughout the defense process

Our history

Schatz, Anderson & Associates began in 2003 when the two partners, Jason Schatz and Steve Anderson, joined forces to focus their private practices entirely on criminal defense throughout the State of Utah. They immediately distinguished themselves as formidable legal opponents who are knowledgeable not only in the laws of the land, but also in law enforcement practices and scientific evidence gathering and analysis. The firm has grown and expanded over time and established a reputation for fighting for its clients using every means necessary, with advanced evidence gathering and certifications similar to or equal to that undergone by law enforcement personnel. We continue to seek out better ways to support and represent our clients.

Meet our excellent team


Jason Schatz

Attorney at Law, Managing Partner. Read his profile here.

Steve Anderson Head


Steve Anderson

Attorney at Law, Partner. Read his profile here.

Rich Jorgensen Head


Richard Jorgensen

Attorney at Law, Associate. Read his profile here.


Tasha Mendenhall

Tasha has been Paralegal to Jason Schatz since joining the firm in 2009. She also leads our team of dedicated professional paralegals as the Head Paralegal and Paralegal Training Coordinator for the firm. She is skilled at handling the ever-changing, fast pace of life as an SAA paralegal. Tasha is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) and continues to expand her legal knowledge. She believes in working with and helping clients especially. Tasha loves her job, and we couldn’t ask for a better teammate!

Certified Paralegal Chad


Chad Lambourne

Chad is currently one of Jason Schatz’s paralegals. He is a retired police officer, having spent 18 years with the Salt Lake City Police Department, first as a detective for a year and then the remainder in the patrol divisions. During his law enforcement career, Chad received training in SFSTs, interviewing techniques, DUI investigations, and much more. Chad attended the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) class and is also a state certified accident reconstructionist. He graduated with high honors from the Paralegal Studies program at SLCC. Chad joined the SAA team in October 2010. He is very knowledgeable on all things Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), arguing GRAMA-related cases before the Utah State Records Committee. In February 2015, he sat for and passed the Certified Paralegal exam. Chad is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society and NALA and is an associate member of both UACDL and NACDL. Chad’s dedication, passion, knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and his great personality all make him a valuable team member. We know you’ll agree.

Nicolle Loe


Nicolle Loe

Nicolle had her eye on the prosecutor side when she went looking for employment after graduating with a BA in Criminal Justice, but we saw her potential and convinced her to join us in the fight for criminal defense. It has been a weird journey for her, but we’re glad she took our offer. Nicolle is remarkable at running our St. George office and working as Paralegal to Jason Schatz. She is strong, extremely smart, personable, experienced, and a great team member. We love having her on our team!



Lana Hajdarovic

Lana (pronounced “Lonna Hah-dare-o-vich”) is the newest member of our team. She is paralegal to Steve Anderson. We’re so excited that she decided to come join our team!


Elizabeth Del Real​

Elizabeth is our long-time Accounts Receivable (Billing) Specialist and Assistant Office Manager. She daily proves to be an invaluable member of our team. Her cheerful, caring way of working with clients and coworkers alike makes her a fast favorite around here. Fluent in Spanish, she also translates for our Spanish-language clients.

Jessica Taylor


Jessica Taylor

Jessica joined the firm as the Office Manager in 2008. She has a wide range of skills and wears many hats in the company, from advertising and accounting to building maintenance, IT, and webmaster. Most days you will find her racing busily around the office or happily working away on her computer. She is also SFST certified. Jessica has a great love for the firm, its mission, clients, and members. She is happy to be part of such a great team!


Sean Lambourne

Sean works behind the scenes to make sure our records are kept up to date, our files contain the information they need, and our communications are timely and accurate. We’re grateful for his help!


Genna Lyman

Genna is an invaluable member of the St. George Office’s team. She assists us as the receptionist, errand running, and in helping Nicolle and Jason complete tasks. We’re very grateful to have her help!



Support Staff

We all work together as a team, and sometimes our team includes outside help. We strive to make sure our ideals reach beyond our tight-knit team when the situation warrants it.

Why choose us?

Our attorneys have years of combined winning experience. All the attorneys (and many of the staff members) have undergone the same field sobriety and drug testing certifications that the police have. We focus only on DUI and criminal defense. We not only have a former prosecutor, but we also have Utah’s first attorney who is Board Certified in DUI Defense. 

Each client is assigned a paralegal case manager who guides him or her through the process as we fight to defend the case. We have a full support staff to respond to questions and process information, pushing the case forward to a great resolution.

To help you hire an excellent, top-rate attorney, we provide FREE consultations, charge flat fees, offer payment plans, and accept many payment methods.

For more than fifteen years, we have been helping our clients achieve the best possible results for their cases, and many of them have thanked us for our efforts, both privately and publicly. Much of our practice is based on referrals from these happy clients.

We serve all over the State of Utah, with two convenient locations in Salt Lake and St. George. We also travel to other rural areas, including Tooele, Price, Moab, Delta, Logan, Kanab, Lake Powell, Vernal and the Uintah Basin.

2016 DUI Arrests in Utah
First-Time Arrests
Average BAC of Arrestees
Arrests < 21 Years Old

Learn more about Utah DUI statistics from the annual Utah Legislative reports.

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