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You have 10 days to submit a written request for an administrative driver’s license hearing with the Utah Driver’s License Division (DLD). Let us help you file your hearing request at no cost or obligation to you – call now!

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Your Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers

With offices in Salt Lake City and St. George, Schatz Anderson & Associates is here for you. If you need an experienced DUI defense attorney, there is no better option than our firm. As Utah’s first attorney who is Board Certified in DUI defense, Jason Schatz has handled over 1,500 DUI cases. In addition, our attorneys have received the same training as police officers when it comes to detecting drunk driving in Utah, as well as field sobriety tests. Schatz Anderson & Associates is also prepared to represent you in other cases that you need a criminal defense attorney in Utah, such as assault and domestic violence charges, drug charges, and more. We strongly believe an arrest is not a conviction, so our firm will fight for you to try and avoid a conviction.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

“He had my best interest in mind. Steve and his staff handled everything for me and kept me up to date throughout the process.”

– Anonymous

“This team of professionals has been paramount in my cases, always eager to help very good communication and every dollar spent I have found great value in this team!”

-Dawg House W.

“I was so impressed with the professionalism and respect I felt with Schatz Anderson & Associates.”

Megan W.

“I thought my life was over until I had contacted Jason Schatz. He helped me get out of a class A misdemeanor and a metabolite Marijuana DUI; getting it down…”

Ryan W.

“Steve is a hell of an attorney. He is very knowledgeable, calculated, diligent and a good advocate. He defended my case exceptionally and lived up to my expectations of him. My out come was exactly what I hired him to do. Not only is he a good attorney he is over all a good man. He is fair and honest. He never gave me false hopes or illusions of what I faced. And he did this all sicker than a dog. It never interrupted his performance or his quality of work. I would absolutely recommend him. Thank you Steve.”

Sara Byerley

“Jason represented me on a first DUI case, and was very helpful and professional throughout the…”

Cody Parkinson

“Richard was a god send! I received a “bogus” DUI from West Valley City, and Richard handled the…”

Lori Porter

Timing is critical. To schedule a FREE consultation with an attorney, tell us about your case so we can start helping you right away.

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At Schatz Anderson & Associates, our attorneys are known as being the most knowledgeable, aggressive, and effective DUI defense lawyers. Jason Schatz has completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Standard Field Sobriety Test Student and Instructor courses. In addition, he has also attended an Intoxilyzer Operator and Intoxilyzer Technician’s course, meaning he is an extremely knowledgeable Utah DUI attorney.

How Can Our Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You?

Why wait to get help with your case? The longer you wait, the harder your defense becomes. Here are a few charges our firm can assist you with:

Utah DUI Defense

A DUI can be difficult to defend, but it’s possible with a team of knowledgeable DUI defense lawyers.

Assault & Domestic Dispute

Many crimes are considered domestic. A Utah criminal defense lawyer can help with these high-emotion cases.

Utah Criminal Defense

Our team can assist you with a variety of cases including financial, property, and public safety crimes.


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