No Prison on Brenda White’s Attempted Murder Case

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Brenda White
The last six years have seen a particularly long, hard fight for Brenda White. The news stories that hit the airwaves yesterday mostly painted a picture from Brenda’s ex-husband’s point of view, presumably because it’s much more sensational to tell a story about a man who was hit by an SUV inside his work’s office building than it is to talk about the horrible struggles of a young mother caught in a bad relationship. Throughout the case, Jason Schatz and Melissa Fulkerson and their staff here at Schatz Anderson fought hard for Brenda’s rights, and her mother was a huge support too. A lot has happened since that fateful day in April 2006, and amidst all the struggles, we at the firm have seen a lot of progress towards a better life for Brenda. What started out as an attempted murder charge was reduced to aggravated assault and criminal mischief felony charges, to which Brenda pled guilty in August 2012. On Tuesday, 8 January 2013, Third District Court Judge William Barrett opted not to send Brenda to prison but instead ordered her to serve a year in jail, complete 300 hours of community service, be on probation for 36 months after release, and pay over $29K in restitution. Here are some of the stories from after the sentencing yesterday:

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